In today’s fast-paced life we barely have time for our pets. Let alone time to meet promising, available, sane people datable people. Luckily, with the help of technology we have various dating sites that make the process a little less painful. The one app that seems to have been discussed, judged and downloaded on the millennial masses phone at one point in time – is TINDER.

Tinder does not commit solely as a dating site. Though many couples we know have met through the app, most people use it plainly for “fun”, casual encounters. Whatever your cup of tea, tinder’s got something for you within a mile radius of your current location along with the choice of your preferred age range. Not only do we get to shop around for a good-looking, interesting specimen, but because it is linked to a Facebook account, we know there is a very slim chance we are being catfished (and we may have mutual friends which can vouch for that person!).

As any other dating application, Tinder allows you to post pictures on your profile. From these, other members will get to choose whether they “like you” – and swipe right or they’ll keep browsing – and swipe left.

Boys, here are a couple of ways to get swiped left on. Take notes:

Pictures with girls who are clearly not your mother.

Now, we all know it’s perfectly normal to have friends of the opposite sex and we usually don’t judge on that, but if in every other picture you’re sitting in the middle of a kiss sandwich or if girls are constantly being cropped out of your posts – chances are you’re a player and couldn’t find a picture by yourself and some girl is being half decapitated on your profile because of it. You may have also been friend-zoned by all your girlfriends and are trying to appear like a ladies’ man. Either way, LEFT we swipe.

Half Naked / Naked Pictures

Although it is always nice to see what the package really looks like, when you put yourself out there like that, it takes away the fun of unwrapping it. (Especially when your face isn’t included in the picture). We’re girls but we still like to work for it. Let us charm you before your pants come off without our consent.

Mirror Pictures

These usually consist of some type of “ok” outfit, sunglasses and a fresh haircut – in your bathroom. Were you feeling yourself so hard that day you desperately needed a picture? When none of your boys wanted to go out, did you say to yourself “Ah, i’ll just do it myself”? This leads us to believe you probably don’t have many days when you look good and therefore must document it when you do. Whether that’s accurate or not, we’re swiping left anyway. Next!

Pictures taken by your girlfriend.

Yes, you might look adorable in that morning light laying on those pearly white sheets but, wait a minute, you’re not holding the phone yourself and we’re damn sure you didn’t tell your roommate or frat brother to come into your room to catch this flick of you. It’s safe to assume a girl took it and it’s safe to assume, she woke up next to you when she did. NEXT!

Which one are you ?

As cool as it is to have a good set of friends and show them off to the world, don’t forget – WE DON’T KNOW YOU and, most likely, if it’s the same set of dudes over and over, we’re going to assume you’re the little ugly duckling and swipe left.

Selfie Series

Let’s admit, we’re all guilty of the occasional selfie. Our hair was on point, maybe we worked out extra hard that week and we’re feeling good. Why not show ourselves off, right? We’re damn sexy! BUT if your tinder has NOTHING but selfies, you either have no friends or you’re a little too full of yourself.. Next!

Now, on to the right – swipe :

Doggy Pictures

There is nothing more adorable than a good-looking man posing next to his pup. The fact that there is a dog in the picture means not only that he is an animal lover but a good care-taker. He can feed and love this creature, so he is capable of responsibilities and emotion (maybe). We don’t care if it’s a selfie, a mirror pic, or a picture in the playboy mansion – will you look at that puppy?!

Get Outta Town

A man who travels is a cultured, interesting man who can talk about something other than the basketball finals. It’s refreshing to know he’s climbed the mountains in Machu Picchu and gone zip lining in Costa Rica. Next stop – the right swipe.

If you like it put a degree on it.

Ah, the educated, accomplished man. What a sexy sight. Yes we see you in your cap & gown making your parents proud. In a major metropolitan city like Miami (or any other frankly) where we’re filled with 30-year-old nightclub promoters and “entrepreneurs” sleeping on mommy’s couch, these few accomplished men are to be treasured! They’re going places and the right swipe has rightfully been granted.

Family Time

As women, one of the first things we notice is how well a man treats his family (especially his mother). Even if we aren’t seeking anything serious at the moment, a cute family picture will definitely make us inclined towards a right swipe. Lets face it – Adorable is never out of style.

Sucker for an instrument.

Is that a guitar? So you probably sing, too. Even if you’re no good at it, we’re intrigued. Embedded in our girly brain lies a little weakness for the artists, especially the musicians. They might not be Mr. Right but with that long hair and guitar who’s to say they can’t be Mr. Right Now? Just sing me to sleep, it’ll all be much clearer in the morning

Spear fishing? Sign me up.

So you do something other than work, hit the gym and hang out at bars? YES! Whether it’s mountain climbing, bike riding, fishing, or even a quick kayak ride – you like some type of adventure and we dig it! I bet there is a cool story about how you ran your bike into a bush, fought a shark or tore your knee while hiking. Whatever it is, we’re in! Right swipe all the way!

In this ever-changing mobile world, apps change just as much as our preferences. The one constant is really only ourselves, make sure to always check in with yourself and be clear as to what you really want. Maybe then you’ll have a better awareness as to how to attract the right person for your ideal situation!