Something horrible happened in her past, something she obviously has a hard time getting over and as happy-go-lucky as she may seem – she is truly broken. She is now cautious with whom she trusts and whom she lets into her life. Maybe it’s daddy issues – maybe even a past abusive relationship but something down the line turned her into the cold-hearted, tough person she is. Trying to figure her out is like trying to solve a Rubix cube, while drunk, with your hands tied behind your back. So why would you want to get involved with someone so guarded?

1. She’s a challenge

The broken girl doesn’t play the “hard to get” game. She IS hard to get. You may flirt with her meaninglessly, maybe even get to buy her a drink but you won’t get her talking about her personal life on the first date. Getting to know her is a privilege not many have had and she clearly doesn’t make it easy. She’s got her walls up high and you’re going to have to climb them if you want to get in.

2. She won’t fall for just anyone

If, by chance, she is interested and continues to get to know you, she will still be weary and slowly, very slowly start letting you in. This girl won’t fall for just anyone; she will not be in and out of relationships. So if she fancies you and she chooses you – consider yourself lucky and appreciate her. Not many others made it that far.

3. She is painfully blunt

She has been taken for a fool before so she knows what it’s like. She has no intent to waste your time (or hers) and she is not scared of hurting your ego or your feelings. She will say what she wants to say, when and how she wants to say it and she doesn’t care how horrible it might be for you to hear it. If she digs you – you’ll know. If she doesn’t – you’ll know, and if you piss her off – you will definitely know.

4. She won’t do to you what has been done to her

She’s been through the bullshit. She’s been lied to, cheated on, and neglected. So she knows what it is like to be put through bad situations and has handled it well – but she has no intentions of putting anybody else through that kind of pain. She knows what it’s like to feel unappreciated and she won’t allow herself to make you feel that way.

 5. She will keep you on your toes

She won’t be waiting around for you- she’s got her own life. The past has taught her that you can’t be too dependent on anyone else and she is better off doing everything herself. You’ll find yourself wondering if she even needs you at all. The answer is no. She was fine before you and she will be perfectly fine without you but you don’t need to be needed. It’s much better to be wanted and if she, in fact, is into you – she will want you around. Just don’t smother her too much, she’ll come around when she’s good and ready.

6. She will value a good man

Though it might take her a while to trust you, when she finally does – she will love you passionately, fully and without limitations. Her loyalty and respect towards you will show with all her actions. Remember, she has been through the worst already so now that she finally feels she has found someone good – she won’t let you go. Prepare to be adored and admired.