If you were to sit there and think long and hard, would you be able to come up with a number of how many friends you’ve made throughout your life? Let alone how many people you’ve met, period? The number does not need to be accurate, but could you realistically even come up with one certain calculation of how many people have crossed your path? Realistically, no. 

According to google calculations the average human, living about 78 years, will meet 80 thousand people in their lifetime. That’s a crazy amount! Could you imagine actually memorizing 80,000 names? Much less their life story?
Next up on the questionaire, how good of a friend are you? Really, what defines a friend? Everyone has their different definitions to that word, but would you say you have been a good friend to every single “friend” you’ve had. I literally mean EVERY friend. Yes, even that friend you made that one semester; you guys studied together, engaged in conversation, probably even shared a couple secrets (ironically, probably because you knew this would just be a semester fling).

I’ll fess up from the start, I am not the worlds greatest friend. All else aside, my friend maintenance is not the best. I keep my circle very tight and those that meant something to me, if even only for a short time, will always hold a dear spot in my heart. However, we all get caught up in our own lives.

Not all the friends we have will have a drink with us every week, but the best kind of friendships are those where that doesn’t matter.

It’s such a loving and endearing moment when you run into an old pal. Your face lights up, you scream each others name and hug each other tight, in that moment nothing has changed from the last time you had seen each other. You pick up right where you left off and next thing you know you’re three hours deep in conversation catching up on a whole year’s worth of your lives. Which is rather therapeutic, especially when these friends pop out of nowhere when you least expect it, yet usually when you need it the most.

Those kind of low maintenance friendships are awesome, there is a mutual acceptance from both parties like “Yeah, I know your life is busy, mine is too, but no worries you’ll still have me whenever you need me”, and I can’t express enough how much those friendships are needed. It’s a crazy sense of appreciation not only for that one friendship in specific but all friendships you may have, close or distant.

I ran into an old friend recently, she wasn’t as joyful to cross paths with me as I was to cross paths with her. When I noticed how off she was and her cold shoulder became quite obvious, I was quick to call her out on her awkwardness. She explained she wasn’t about that “fake” stuff. “We say hi and then act like we’re gonna be tight one day then it doesn’t happen and I just don’t care anymore.” I found her response rude, and not going to lie… hurtful. I couldn’t understand how she couldn’t see we were on different paths and it didn’t mean I couldn’t catch up with her when we so happened to bump into one another. I walked away from her angry, and upset but realizing that some friendships require more attention than others and if you can’t give that amount of attention than just being acquaintances is fine too.

Always remind those friendships you keep closest how much you appreciate them, and those you see for that one second once a year let them know you have lots of love for them too! You never know when you’ll be in need of a friend.