Who ever quoted the phrase “size matters” was completely right…but not in the way you might think! Most people think that the size of a mans huge “ego” (aka genitalia), is directly correlated to the amount of fun that will be had in the sack. In actuality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In my 27 years of experience I’ve come to the realize that the size of a penis says very little of how good sex will be, and most of the time I have been pleasantly surprised by those who are little less well-endowed.

“I prefer guys with a smaller penis!'”

While having a casual penis conversation with my girlfriends (By the way, girls do this on the regs), we came into the discussion about guys with “Big Dicks”. I was honest when it was my turn to speak and I blurted out: ” I prefer guys with a smaller penis!”. Their faces of shock and horror stared back at me as if I had just called Beyonce a basic bitch.

Although my special number is relatively low, I think I’ve been with enough men to come to one mystifying conclusion: Men with bigger dicks are worse at sex than men with moderately sized dicks. Some of you may stop reading at this point and may dismiss me by saying “what a poor, sweet, innocent girl, she’s never had a good lay with a BD.” But au contraire, it’s not that I haven’t found the right sized penis, it’s the fact that I have and was roughly dissapointed on various occasions. And if you hear me out, you will find that the reasoning behind my madness is actually backed up by some well thought-out logic.

Guys with BD’s think that just because they have a nice sized D that they are automatically the Drake of sex. They are cocky as f*ck (no pun intended) and will make you do all the work. And that’s not gonna fly around here! Good sex requires more than just a BD, it all boils down to mutual pleasure. BD’s don’t think about this. A man with a smaller or average sized dick works harder to please his woman making him the prized jewel of any girls treasure chest *wink wink* To sum it up, a larger dick does help the sex but it’s the ego behind BD’s that makes their sex game weak. So as the saying goes ” Its not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean”

Do You Agree?

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