If perhaps you believe that black cats and cauldrons are a thing of the past, you could not be more mistaken. It is a common misconception that witches are a dying breed, and while we may sometimes think of witchcraft as an ancient practice from the old days of Salem, the truth is that there are many mystical practices that are still extremely prevalent in our modern-day world. Below are a few tips for those of use who yearn to become more in-tune with our more powerful and enchanted self. 

Healing Powers


The power of healing is perhaps one of a witches most desirable attributes. This can be done through the mastering of herbs, the manipulation of gems and stones, or even a more hands-on approach such as Reiki, the practice of channeling energies into and out of the body. Eastern medicine has taught us that mother nature has the remedy for just about every disease or illness under the sun; and the geometric perfection of stones has been known to reflect their perfect patterns onto people. These practices can do a lot of good when fully developed. It’s all about mastering these skill sets and acquiring more wisdom and power.

Special Skill


Every good witch has something that separates her from the rest of the pack. Whether it be the ability to communicate with nature or the ability to read your past and perceive your future, witches tend to focus on one area until they can fully master it. Find a skill few people possess and perfect it; people will cross the globe in search of the best witch to read their palms, analyze their dreams, or even talk to their deceased loved ones.



When it comes to being a well-rounded witch, you are only as powerful as the witches that stand beside you. Yes, there are a some witches who are loners and spend their days in a cabin isolated in the forest, but for the most part witches need the support of their sisters to harvest their full potential and learn each other’s tricks of the trade.

Rituals & Traditions


Wether it’s a midnight moon ritual to celebrate a new alignment in the stars, or a communal dance around the fire simply to celebrate life, the best part of choosing the enchanted life are the traditions you get to uphold for those that come after you. Whether you come from a long line of transcendent beings or you are just beginning to explore the incredible realm of mysticism, you are part of something bigger than yourself and it’s time pay tribute to the mysterious world that surrounds us.

A Bubbling Cauldron


They say the way to most people’s hearts is through their stomachs. This old proverb has withstood the test of time, and t is no secret that different potions and culinary concoctions can have an extreme effect on a persons being in general. Whether they have healing qualities, like chicken noodle soup, or psychedelic qualities, like certain mushroom teas, mastering the culinary art will end up being on your side more often than not; and it’s a perfect way to show off your witchy side.



Wether you resonate more with a bohemian style: large ponchos, hats with feathers and long skirts, or perhaps you prefer a more classic approach: such as all black and a pair of boots; a true witch is always elegant and put-together. We grace the earth with our presence everywhere we go and our power must be reflected in our appearance.

Loyal Companion


People are great. How often do we actually say that? Not often. Am I right?

This is why witches are usually seen with a black cat by her side. They are loyal sidekicks that can keep a secret and are also cunning enough to keep up with the lifestyle. Not a cat person? No worries, there’s always room to be a little less conventional. Crows, frogs, and mice are great as companions too!



The ability to see further beyond what is in front of you is an attribute all witches posses. While it is a common misconception that you must be born with this special attribute it is actually something that all of us posses; we just haven’t focused enough energy on fully developing it. Unlike animals, us humans have the ability to use context clues in order to predict events that will most likely occur or to read people in a way that helps us foresee how they’ll react in a certain situation. If nurtured correctly, this trait can become extremely vigorous and you may even surprise yourself. You’re never to old to start! acquire a deck of old tarot cards, or learn how to read people’s palms or tea leaves, and kickstart your journey to understanding others.

[Cover Photo By: Carolina Londono]