HGAB is a progressive lifestyle magazine promoting a forward thinking culture. What started out as a tight-knit group of young minds, artists, businessmen, go-getters, intellectuals, dreamers, and free spirits, alike, has now become a platform for Human Voice to be heard. The visual storytelling and bold video work featured on HGAB delivers an intimate experience unlike any other VLOG. This week we started building a set for two new segments that are coming to HGAB, we got invited to “Untitled Party 1” at Casa de Fado, and we celebrated landing a new account!

Shot By: HGAB
Edited By: Kristen Cruz

Special thanks to DJ Murkem for allowing us to use his video for our Vlog. Please check him out at https://www.youtube.com/user/InTheCutStudios and subscribe to his channel.