Dear HGAB readers and viewers

These past 10 weeks shooting our HGAB LIFE VLOG have been something pretty amazing. Its really nice to be able to document everything that happens here at HGAB and be able to share it with all of you. Not only do we document the progression of our company but also all of those who make HGAB happen. We have a ton of things planned for the next upcoming VLOG’s and we will begin to start visiting a couple of places around the world. As HGAB continues to grow, we hope to continue to document every single moment and experience. We hope to continue to have you as viewers. Thanks again for watching.


HGAB is a progressive lifestyle magazine promoting a forward thinking culture. What started out as a tight-knit group of young minds, artists, businessmen, go-getters, intellectuals, dreamers, and free spirits, alike, has now become a platform for Human Voice to be heard. The visual storytelling and bold video work featured on HGAB delivers an intimate experience unlike any other VLOG. This week we pay homage to That 70s Show with our rendition of their intro, and take you on tour of HGAB Headquarters.