Aries (Pale Lager)

Aries tend to be very independent. You lead the way and you know how to get the party started! As all great leaders do, you know that life is a gamble and you tend to follow your heart when you make important decisions. Aries’ sense of humor is second to none and just like a Pale Lager an Aries will have you giggling all night long.  That’s why it’s the perfect beer for you! A Pale Lager is refreshing, cool, crisp, and the perfect way to start the night. It’s like taking a refreshing shower after a hard days work, or stepping outside for some fresh air. You are truly as good as it gets.

Taurus (Stout)

When the going gets tough the Taurus rage on. You are persistent and you stay with it even when the rest give up. You may butt heads with others but your stubbornness is always a result of your passion. Taurus’ are not fond of change. They like their crew and they wouldn’t trade them in for anything in the world. The perfect match for a Taurus is the Stout beer. It is not a beer for the lighthearted and just like the Taurus, it takes a strong stand in everything they do. This beer tends to be associated with strong flavors like chocolate and coffee and some are even aged in Bourbon or whiskey barrels for an extra good time!

Gemini (Shandy)

A Gemini is energetic, clever, and imaginative. Its astrological symbol are the twins and that’s why we’re going for a Shandy on this one. Shandys are beers mixed with a carbonated beverages, such as a soft drink, malts, or ginger beer. This fun process is what gives this beer that spunky flare which all Gemini’s possess. Gemini’s are always game, and a Shandy is the perfect reflection of that. Just like a Shandy you have your sweet side but you’re always ready to rumble if and when the occasion calls for it. You are not one to hold back when you have an opinion and that’s why people respect you.

Cancer (Belgian White)

Cancers are a mysterious sign. They seek comfort yet they love adventure. Cancers are also a very adaptable breed, just like a Blue Moon or any Belgian White, you can have it at night or even for breakfast, because of its fruity tones. Cancers very seldom feel uncomfortable or awkward in a situation; they know how to play it smooth and keep calm and collected even when they’re far from their comfort zone. A cancer is very good at seeing people’s true intentions and you should always trust their judgment when it comes to making new friends or jumping into new relationships. Often referred to as ”white beer”, a Belgian White is dependable just like a Cancer, it will never send you over the edge where you wake up in your friends bathtub wondering “What the heck happened last night?”.

Leo (Indian Pale Ale A.K.A. IPA)

Leo’s are extremely domineering; this is partly because they are so confident in themselves. They set extremely ambitious goals and are probably the most loyal friends you will ever have. Just like a Leo an IPA is not a beer you share. Only very specific beer enthusiasts are fond of the deep, rich flavor of this beer. Those who do like it, however, are proud of their drink and like to let it be known. Indian Pale Ales are mostly used for pairing with foods with lots of strong condiments and spices. This mirrors a Leo’s trait to get along with mostly everyone. Once you meet a Leo, never let them go, they will have your back no matter what.

Virgo (Pilsner)

“The mind is everything.” This is the best way to describe a Virgo. While they may appear to be calm and collected on the outside, they are a total f*cking whirlwind of emotion on the inside much like the smooth yet bitter taste of a Pilsner.  This beer is the perfect way to start the night and to start loosening up. Just like a Pilsner beer, a Virgo always knows how to open up conversation, and once they’ve got you hooked, it’s impossible to let them go. Virgo’s are also perfectionists, this reflects a Pilsner’s ability to achieve the perfect balance between its sweet and bitter flavors.

Libra (Pale Ale)

Libra’s are diplomatic and peaceful. They are like the IPA’s wiser and more mature older brother. A Libra, always knows what to say and how to see things through other people’s perspectives. When someone’s going through a tough time, a Libra always knows how to put themselves in their shoes and relate to them. Just like a pale ale you are comforting without being too abrasive. You are also captivating and elegant. Pale Ale is not your run-of-the-mill beer, and while it may be elegant, it is also sharp and pungent.

Scorpio (Doppelbock)

If you are a Scorpio, you are passionate, resourceful, and extremely intense. However, there is always more to Scorpios than meets the eye. Just like the Doppelbock, with it’s extremely high alcohol content, people tend to tiptoe around Scorpios when they are not comfortable.  But once you get to know each other, you will become their ride-or-die…no question! When you befriend a Scorpio you’ll realize the spark your life’s been missing all this time.

Sagittarius (Traditional Lager)

Unemotional and independent. Sagittarius don’t need others to have fun. They are guided by luck and optimism, and somehow a good time always finds them. When you are having a rough time seek out a Sagittarius to lift your spirits. Just like the traditional Lager a Sagittarius is rich in so many ways. They are full of personality, surrounded by people that love them, and they are also full of potential. A Traditional Lager is not a pretentious beer just like a Sagittarius’ ability to see right through the bullsh*t! You are not easily swayed by smooth talk or debauchery Sagittarius.

Capricorn (Porter)

Capricorns are best known for keeping to themselves. Only a true friend will be let in on a Capricorn’s secrets, and even when those secrets are shared, a Capricorn will still insist on solving  their own problems. Just like the Ram, a Capricorn confronts their problems head on, and they will not rest until they have been diminished. Capricorns, just like the Porter beer, are reliable in price, but a bit pretentious in taste. Capricorns need their lives to be fulfilling and the Porter beer is just that…extremely filling! Porters and Capricorns have a strong flare, and are usually the life of the party, but at the end of the night they are responsible enough to take you home.

Aquarius (Wheat Beer)

The sign of Aquarius best mirrors the popular Wheat Beer because it is captivating in flavor, and a crowd pleaser in the sense that most people who try it, like it. This beer is extremely fizzy and therefore reflects the inventive and bubbly personality of the Aquarius. It is not an overly complicated beer and what you see is what you get. This beer is a classic, and just like those who are born Jan. 20th-Feb.18th, it pairs very nicely with just about everything! As an Aquarius you are very easy going and you love to go with the flow, just how you’ll feel when you drink this very mild beer at your next shindig.

Pisces (Brown Ale)

Just like New Castle and other Brown Ales, Pisces are unlike anything you’ve ever had before. This weird distinct flavor, however, is what attracts you to them. Pisces’ tend to be extremely compassionate lovers, dedicated to their loved ones and their friends, but they never pass up a chance for adventure. Brown Ale is an escapist beer, one sip and you’ll be transported to the deepest parts of the jungle, the darkest of caves, and the most exotic of shores. Brown Ale is a crowd pleaser and just like a Pisces they make great hosts/hostesses. Great for impressing all your friends and acquaintances (and we know you have a lot!)