Ep. 002 – Illusions Within Relationships

What was the biggest thing you’ve learned from your last relationship?

What was the first movie you cried in?

What “type” are you really attracted to right now?

Have you ever asked someone out on a date? How did it go?


Illusions within a relationship:

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

– Perks of Being a Wildflower

Make excuses
Feel regret
Fear of being alone

Levels of Tolerance:
“How much should you tolerate?”

What are you willing to put up with and the balance between the good times and the bad times?

Next relationship:
What are 3 things you’re looking for in your next relationship?

Next Episode

Modern relationships
Is the person you marry also the person you want to have children with? Is that also the same person you have fun with? Is this person the same or different? Tune in next week