Borders to cross, fences to hop. The decision was made. You, me, us, we depart. 

These are the first lines of a significant poem written by Gabriel Gimenez, better known as the artist GG. This poem was dedicated to his father as a narrative describing the heroic events that led him to move his family from a country where they had no future, to the land of opportunity, vigor, and most importantly… art.

GG now has an enormous following of art lovers and fans that commemorate his art all around the globe, and it all began with the dream of one man who wanted a different life for his sons.


gg15The mural featured in this video took five days to complete and was heavily documented by HGAB magazine to be able to capture the essence of what creating a giant-sized spectacle entails. It was shot in a style where you can almost feel the heatwave and the exhaustion the artist endured. We purposely captured the many brushstrokes that graced the surface of the wall then went back to dipping the brush in paint and then back to the wall, repeat. Art is no simple feat, and is a a form of expression with deep meaning and often lots of physical elaboration.

Here is the result of a collaboration that the universe brought together, the development of a strong friendship, and the beautiful masterpiece that was created.