For many of us, pirates have always been the carefree scoundrels that live their life one scheme at a time; drunk off rum, while becoming rich. I think it’s about time we bring back some of that scallywag glam into today’s modern world, not so much the whole plundering and looting thing, but the freedom to live life one adventure after the other.

Our world has become totally infused with political correctness and the depression of our daily grind. Do you think pirates would have been able to predict where they would be 2 weeks, or even two days from now? Heck no! But I could probably tell you that a month from now I’d probably still be slaving away at work and eating the usual sandwich for lunch. Wake up everyone, It’s time we take back feeling alive!

Sailing the high seas has a certain romance about it, and an equally exotic thrill! Pirates were like the rock stars of their time. They wandered from one exotic port to the next, partying and merrymaking along the way. NO responsibility, NO alarm clocks, and NO particular place to be!

I’m not condoning the criminal aspect in any way, but when I say we need to start living like pirates what I mean is, we have to start taking advantage of all the crazy opportunities life is constantly offering us, that we are constantly turning down. That means doing what makes you happy, and living your life to its fullest potential; which I believe is something 90% of us aren’t brave enough to do. Pirates aren’t afraid to try new things, meet new people, visit new places, and enjoy the very simplest pleasures in life. Pirates don’t know what tomorrow could have in store for them, but they are game! And as they watch the sun set into the endless horizon of possibilities, they don’t care if they are the unemployed, reckless, social outcasts of society; they just know that they are alive, and that they are happy.

As you write the story of your life, the genre is entirely up to you. Will it be an edge-of-your-seat thriller or will it be just another retelling of someone else’s story? Don’t let ‘the man’ decide it for you, build your own pirate ship and set out on your grandest adventure yet. The best part is, you get to be the Captain. So go on now, what’s stopping you? It’s the pirates life for ye matey!

By: Marty Augustine