1. Dinner and a Show

The classic dinner and a movie date takes a brilliant twist when substituted with a live theatre performance in place of your basic popcorn and a slurpie at your local Cineplex. Be sure to check out your nearest Performing Arts Hall (or subscribe to a newsletter which highlights local events and happenings) for upcoming shows and choose a performance that both you and your boo can enjoy. Step it up a notch and encourage your date to dress up with you (looking fancy is half the fun), and make sure to grab a couple of cocktails during intermission to send your night off in the right direction (;

2. The Pick-Me-Up

There are said to be very few places on earth where no species of strawberry will grow; so grab your baskets, bring your picnic blankets, and don’t forget your carton of wine (yes I said carton), and plan a strawberry picking date for you and your honey. For extra brownie points, get your hands on a pick-up truck and decorate the back with lots of pillows and blankets and have yourself an above ground bug-less picnic!

3. Love Fort

You favorite pastime as a child is just as fun as an adult in this not-so-basic date idea. Take your lover out for a daytime distraction and then bring them back home to where you have previously set up your very own homemade fort. Snuggle and watch a movie together inside your love nest, and don’t forget to bring home some bubbly and accompany it with some strawberries and whipped cream (don’t forget the chocolate) for an extra good time!

4. A Wildly Romantic Date Idea

Go ahead and pack your car with two sleeping bags, a big tent, and an even bigger cooler ‘cause you’re going camping! Bring along some romantic finger foods (stick to aphrodisiacs) and don’t forget the bug spray. You’ll be able to bond with your lover in a much deeper sense, while being surrounded by the beauty and vastness of nature. This is a foolproof way to make love by the campfire and “get away from it all” for a romantic weekend getaway that will be one for the books.

5. I See Love In Your Future

This is a date idea for those of us who still have a little bit of mysticism left in them; for those of us that still believe in the magic that exists in the world around us. Start the night off at your favorite bar (or hookah bar if you want to stick with the theme), and afterwards head out to your neighborhood fortuneteller (tarot reader, chakra healer, palm reader etc.) and learn a little bit more about yourself and your special other half. A perfect way to end this date is stargazing in an open field.

6. Scavenger Hunt Rendezvous

Because you and your boo know each other better than anyone else, hand them clues leading up to:

1st: Their favorite store to pick up a gift that you have already chosen for them and left on hold at the register.

2nd: You will provide them with hints to get to their favorite restaurant, where you will order you boo’s favorite dish for them to pick up To-Go.

3rd: You will select a romantic spot to meet back up with your other half and eat your grub together as you enjoy your gifts and share scavenger hunt stories.

Use these tips as a baseline to start thinking outside of the box, the more elaborate and creative you can get, the better!