1. Invest in your Family

Grandma Ruth won’t be around forever…she sends you a card with a twenty on your birthday,

but how cool would it be to sit down, talk with her, and hear about the Great Depression? Okay

maybe it’s not comparable to binge watching Girls, but passing down knowledge and getting to

know where you come from is pretty cool.

2. Let your Phone Die

Let’s all refrain from buying a cordless iPhone charger and talk to each over ramen.

3. Give up Your Seat

Most of us are young, able­bodied beings, let someone older, weary, or pregnant have your

seat on the L.

4. Say Hello, How Are You, and Goodbye

The biggest complaint barista’s have is a customer who answers “How are you?” with “I’ll take a

caramel latte.”

5. Walk Away From Bad Habits

Whether it’s an ex, blackout drinking, or eating a whole box of Stan’s Donuts on the reg, this is

the perfect age to create boundaries and test ourselves. It’s also the age to have the time of our

lives, so find a healthy balance.

6. Understand Money’s Role in Your Life

Our society is based on money. This is not a good nor bad thing, but understanding the

difference between wealth in experience and wealth in monetary value is extremely important.

You need money, but shouldn’t want it.

7. Sharing is Caring

Contrary to popular belief, this concept we learned in kindergarten, can slowly disappear from

our daily lives. Share your clothes, books, experiences, with your friends and family. It really

freaks people out when you’re willing to borrow them something without asking for anything in return.

8. If You Make Plans Keep Them

There’s nothing worse than a dead end attempt at making plans via text or melodramatic

excuse like “hey sorry my cat is sick.” If you DO want to hang out with someone, make it

happen. If you DON’T want to hang out with someone, don’t. You shouldn’t feel obligated.

9. Be a Good Host

First of all you have to take the leap and decide to entertain. Which can be scary, I admit. You

have to make your place look less homeless ­caveman and more Martha Stewart. Buy snacks,

offer a drink, set a vibe, maybe they’ll come back, but at least you tried.

10. Use Public Transportation

If you live in a city especially, take the bus, bike, train and save on gas/payments while helping

Mother Earth.

11. Get Off Tinder and Go to a Coffee Shop

Or a bar, but please do not try to find prince charming on a hook­up app. Plus, do you really

want to have that potential conversation with your future children? “Mom, how did you and dad

meet?” “Well, he swiped right.”

12. Understand You Can’t Change People

It’s okay for people to think differently, in fact it’s what makes humanity so interesting.

Embracing differences­ different beliefs, thought processes, ways of thinking, will help, but

recognizing {you don’t have to change} someone’s beliefs, thought processes, ways of thinking,

will do wonders. Be content in yours.

13. Offer to Watch Your Friends’ and Families’ Kids

Some of us have spouses and kids. That’s awesome, but so is a night out, so if you’re feeling

generous, skip the bar or log off Netflix, and offer to babysit. Kids are SO creative and possess

no­ filter whatsoever, Maybe you’ll even find babysitting is good practice if/when you have them.

14. Listen, Genuinely

Phone down, eyes up, listen, process, respond.

15. Use Social Media Correctly

It was designed to connect people, share our ideas and triumphs, not to be overly bragadocious

or downright ill­informed. Post what you want, but just be aware when religion and politics get

involved, status wars are unleashed.

16. Be Kind to People Waiting on You

Servers, bus drivers, baristas, even the unintentionally annoying “stylists” who make commision

off your purchases, should be treated with respect and patience. They’ve most likely been

working an eight hour shift, with sh*tty breaks, so don’t ruin the jean wall display.

17. Extract the Negativity

There’s nothing less attractive than a person bashing another person for being successful.

PRAISE your peers. Be happy for them, and learn from their successes.

18. Map Out Your Day

If you’re anything like me, you have a million things to do in the hours between your first coffee

and your final text. Carry a notebook that fits in your pocket, where you can jot down what your

day looks like, ideas, and people you meet.

19. Travel the Right Way

Skip out on the expensive hotel rooms unless you flew to Miami to have a nice nap. Utilize your

friends and family for a couch or spare room. Airbnb is also a great place to save on cash and

you get to meet a local, who will most likely provide you a badass time. If you’re just leaving for

the weekend, skip checking luggage, and take a carry on. We all know you won’t wear six

bikinis in three days.

20. Figure Out What You Really Love

But don’t stress, you have time. Check in and ask yourself­ do I really love this? Is finance for

me? Or should I pursue my dreams of opening a cannabis infused soap shop?